Saturday, 28 April 2007

Shabbat-o-rama: Wing

This is the discovery of the year. Wing, a Chinese singer who emigrated to New Zealand, will perform at your bar mitzva, wedding, or retirement home, and will sing all your favorite hits, from ABBA to AC/DC. She had her own episode of South Park and reached international fame... Shabbat shalom!


julien said...

ha ha excellent!!

Sophie said...

Wow. She combines a flimsy, forceless, near-dying voice with no rhythm whatsoever absolutely perfectly.

Listen to her taking the passion out of Surrender, trashing The Sound of Music, or interpreting the Carpenters' Yesterday Once More - in my eyes a song exclusively written for the purpose of being sung in the karaoke joints of the Far East.

Wow, man, I mean, like, wow.

Mark said...

ARRRRRRGH! My ears!!!

Miss Worldwide said...

She's great, isn't she?

Sorry Mark, please don't sue me, sue her!