Monday, 16 April 2007

Musical Chairs 2007

The next wave of Musical Chairs is to start soon. (reminder: Musical Chairs is, according to my friend Andy, a phenomenon that occurs every year or so, in which friends swap countries: X1 moves to Y2, X2 moves to Y3, X3 moves back to Y1...)

Musical Chairs 2007 (to be confirmed):

Miss WW from London to Tel Aviv
Anna from New York to London
Vera from London to Stuttgart
Zsofi from Tel Aviv to Zurich
My father from Paris to Bratislava
Julien from Paris to Montreal

Where are you readers moving from and to?


Sophie said...

Surely Andy told you, too, that the game is know as "Reise nach Jerusalem" (Journey to Jerusalem) in German? Oh the subtext...always one chair short on any trip to Jerusalem!

Miss Worldwide said...

He didn't tell me! But I like it! It's perfect...