Sunday, 9 March 2008

Only On El Al: In-flight Entertainment

Only on El Al will you get, every single time, on top of your film and music selection and your peanut and diet coke snack, a shiddukh (for example, a blind date with the son of the friend of the brother of the passenger sitting next to you), plus a shabbat invitation. That same passenger sitting next to you will also take a huge photo album out of her bag and show you photos of her son's wedding, explaining who is who on each photo. You will also be able to listen and enjoy the other passenger on your row singing mizrahi songs at the top of his lungs, headphones on his ears. And as a bonus, on each flight, you will get en entire Haredi minyian, walking back and forth in their tallit in the airplane alleys.

Which airline can beat that in terms of entertainement?