Thursday, 8 March 2007


Owning stuff makes you heavy, when you're international. It seems like a dozen cardboard boxes full of stuff have been following me through all these years (another dozen boxes rotting at my Dad's in Paris). With time I learned to cut down and actually learned to take pleasure in throwing stuff away. The least I own the lighter I feel. I went from 30 boxes to 10 and I feel much better. Nevertheless, my life is still mostly in boxes and I have no idea when I will start unpacking.

Have you ever dreamed of a wall full of books, in your living room, next to the fireplace? Well, until I actually live in that living room (a real, permanent living room, not a London flatshare living room) and have that fireplace, those books will been sitting in those boxes like they have been for close to 12 years! And who's actually gonna read them again? They're just there to remind you that you've read them (or that you haven't yet) and to show off to visitors. And in the meantime, you can't even show off because they're in boxes! So I actually just got rid of 90% of my books. I only kept all my Israel politics stuff (quite good for showing off... and provoke arguments), a couple of classics, and most of my art & design books for inspiration. Well, I feel much lighter and my next move will be that little tiny bit easier.

As for bulkier stuff... I bought the same desk about 5 times at 5 different Ikeas in 3 different countries (it's always called the same weird Swedish name everywhere). It's actually cheaper than transporting one. This also works for kitchenware.
Many of my friends had to buy the same furniture and kitchenware over and over. I think it's a new sociological phenomenon and for all you entrepreneurs out there, I think there are some great business ideas to look into... But for the time being, Ikea stays the big winner.

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