Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Urban Diplomat

In London since 1998, I have had 14 different addresses, and 39 different flatmates:

7 Spaniards
5 English
3 Germans
3 Swedes
3 Norwegians
2 Irishmen
2 Italians
2 Canadians
2 French
1 Serb
1 Greek
1 Colombian
1 New Zealander
1 Japanese
1 South African
1 Slovenian
1 Scottish
1 Cypriot
1 Brazilian

(I didn't count the many people I lived with for several months in a Bayswater hostel: this deserves a chapter of its own.)

You can see how this 9 year intensive training made me a very experienced diplomat: over the years, I worked very hard to appease many violent conflicts and cold wars; I negociated territories, imposed resolutions, signed peace treaties, and proceeded in several unilateral pullouts.

Sometimes it can be really hard. Especially past a certain age. I am this close to making another unilateral pullout now, not because of bad flatmates, but because I'm just tired of being a diplomat.

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