Wednesday, 28 March 2007


What's good about London is that you can make friends from many different countries and get invited everywhere. So you can actually choose your friends according to what country you want to visit. The only thing is that if you don't hurry to visit them, you might miss out on an window of opportunity. By the time you finally decide to go, they might have moved elsewhere, or simply not be your friend anymore.

Places in which I had friends to visit but didn't visit, and can't visit anymore: Ireland, India, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Milan, Odessa, Kiev, Oslo, Devon, Taipei, Krakow, Barcelona, Malmo, Switzerland, Marseille.

Places I should go to soon before it's too late: Tokyo, Greece, Australia, Reykjavik, Nice.

What places did you not go to when you could?


Anonymous said...

I don't remember inviting you! Must have been a moment of alcoholic induced weakness... Or am I being presumptuous & you have other friends here? Either way I look forward to it.

Miss Worldwide said...

Who said I was going to see YOU???